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Unlucky Coins Part 2

  • Unlucky Coins Part 2

    縁起の悪いお賽銭 Part 2

    Yesterday, I introduced jūen-dama (十円玉 – “ten-yen coin”) and gohyakuen-dama (五百円玉 – “five-hundred-yen coin”), which are unpopular/unlucky coins as offertory money, and explained the reason for the former.

    The reason for the latter is as follows:

    Dama/tama (玉) meaning “coin” can be rephrased as kōka (硬貨).
    “Coin” を意味する「玉」は、「硬貨」と言い換えることができます。

    Kōka (硬貨) has the same sound as 効果, which means “effect.”
    「硬貨」は、”effect” を意味する「効果」と同音です。

    In addition, the most expensive coin in Japan is “five-hundred-yen coin.”

    In other words, there are no coins (effects) larger than that.

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