Umi no Sachi, Yama no Sachi (海の幸と山の幸) Part 1

  • Umi no Sachi, Yama no Sachi Part 1

    海の幸、山の幸 Part 1

    Yesterday, I introduced some foods that are often eaten in fall/autumn in Japan.

    In particular, something caught in the sea, such as saury, is called umi no sachi (海の幸), and something caught in mountains, such as chestnuts or mushrooms, is called yama no sachi (山の幸).

    Since umi (海) means “sea,” yama (山) means “mountain,” and sachi (幸) means “products,” the literal meaning of umi no sachi and yama no sachi are “sea products” and “mountain products,” respectively.
    「海」は “sea”、「山」は “mountain”、「幸」は “products” を意味するので、「海の幸」と「山の幸」の文字どおりの意味は “sea products” と “mountain products” になります。

    To be continued.

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