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Aki no Mikaku (秋の味覚 – Seasonal Food of Fall/Autumn)

  • Aki no Mikaku


    Yesterday, I introduced the term sanma (サンマ), which means “Pacific saury.”

    In Japan, sanma is one of the most typical aki no mikaku (秋の味覚).

    Since aki (秋) means “fall/autumn” and mikaku (味覚) means “flavor,” the literal meaning of aki no mikaku is “fall/autumn flavors.”
    「秋」は “fall/autumn”、「味覚」は “flavor” を意味するので、「秋の味覚」は fall/autumn flavors”” という意味になります。

    In addition to sanma, kuri (栗 – “chestnut”), matsutake (松茸 – “matsutake mushroom”), satsumaimo (サツマイモ – “sweet potate”), and nashi (梨 – “pear”) are often lined up as seasonal food of fall/autumn.

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