Yamayama (山々 – Mountains)

  • Yamayama


    Yama” (山) means “mountains,” and the kanji 々 means a repetition of the last character.
    「山」は “mountain,” 漢字「々」は直前の漢字の繰り返しを意味します。

    Therefore, 山々 is read as “yamayama,” and it means “many mountains” or “mountains in various places.”
    そのため、「山々」は “many mountains” や “mountains in various places” を意味します。

    On the other hand, this term is often used as an adverb.

    If you say “~ shitai no wa yamayama daga” (~したいのは山々だが), it means that a feeling that you want to do something is high like mountains, but you cannot do it.

    【Example sentences】

    Kōkyū na niku wo tabetai no wa yamayama daga, okane ga nai (高級な肉を食べたいのは山々だが、お金が無い – I really want to eat a prime cut of beef, but I am out of money).

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