Gokiburi (ゴキブリ – Cockroach)

  • Gokiburi


    Many people don’t like ‘gokiburi‘ (ゴキブリ – cockroach).

    I talked about ‘gokiburi‘ a few times on Lang-8, but I have never mentioned its etymology.
    私は Lang-8 で何度かゴキブリの話題を出しましたが、その語源については触れてきませんでした。

    Originally, ‘gokiburi‘ was called ‘goki kaburi‘ (御器かぶり).

    Goki‘ (御器) means “eating utensils,” and ‘kaburi‘ (かぶり) means “to wear” or “to gnaw.”
    「御器」は “eating utensils,” 「かぶり」は “to wear” もしくは “to gnaw” を意味します。

    There are two major theories about the etymology of ‘gokikaburi‘; One is that the state of being hiding under eating utensils looked as if they were wearing dishes, and the other is that they gnawed not only food but also eating utensils.

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