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Mizu wo Eta Uo (水を得た魚 – A Fish to Water)

  • Mizu wo Eta Uo


    Have you ever seen someone who has become lively in their areas of expertise or in a situation where they can shine?

    Such a person can be described as mizu wo eta uo (水を得た魚) in Japanese.

    Since mizu (水) means “water,” eta (得た) means “got,” and uo/sakana (魚) means “fish,” the literal meaning of mizu wo eta uo is “a fish that got the water.”
    「水」は “water”、「得た」は “got”、「魚」は “fish” を意味するので、「水を得た魚」の文字どおりの意味は “a fish that got the water” となります。

    A fish released into the water will swim lively.

    That is to say, the phrase mizu wo eta uo is a metaphor for a lively person in their areas of expertise as a fish swimming lively.

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