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Genjitsu Tōhi (現実逃避 – Escapism)

  • Genjitsu Tōhi


    I sometimes find myself wanting to take what is known as genjitsu tōhi (現実逃避).

    Genjitsu tōhi (現実逃避) is an attempt or a state of mind to escape from what one has to do in reality.

    Since genjitsu (現実) means “reality,” and tōhi (逃避) means “escape,” the literal meaning of this idiom is “escape from reality.”
    「現実」は “reality”、「逃避」は “escape” を意味するので、「現実逃避」の文字どおりの意味は “escape from reality” となります。

    Genjitsu tōhi is a natural behavior caused by stress or anxiety, but it can also make you suffer further.

    If you get into this situation, you must be brave enough to accept reality and try to step forward to escape it.

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