Nirunari Yakunari (煮るなり焼くなり – Whatever You Want)

  • Nirunari Yakunari


    When you do not care how you are treated or what punishment comes to you, you can use the phrase nirunari yakunari (煮るなり焼くなり).

    Since niru (煮る) means “to boil” and yaku (焼く) means “to grill,” the literal meaning of nirunari yakunari is “boiling or grilling.”
    「煮る」は “to boil”、「焼く」は “to grill” を意味するので、「煮るなり焼くなり」の文字どおりの意味は “boiling or grilling” となります。

    This phrase implies that you are an ingredient that has given up on survival.

    In most cases, it is used something like nirunari yakunari sukinishiro (煮るなり焼くなり好きにしろ), by adding sukinishiro (好きにしろ – meaning “do whatever you want”).

    However, I think that this phrase is mostly used in movies or comics, and I have never seen anyone use this in real life.

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