Mune wo Utsu (胸を打つ – Moving One’s Heart)

  • Mune wo Utsu


    To move or strike someone’s heart strongly is expressed as mune wo utsu (胸を打つ) in Japanese.

    Since mune (胸) means “heart” and utsu (打つ) means “to strike,” the literal meaning of mune wo utsu is “to strike someone’s heart.”
    「胸」は “heart”、「打つ」は “to strike” を意味するので、「胸を打つ」の文字どおりの意味は “to strike someone’s heart” となります。

    This phrase comes from the fact that when you are strongly moved by something, you feel as if your heart was struck. In English, you can use “to strike someone’s heart” to express the same meaning.
    この表現は、人が何かに強く感動するとき、胸が打たれたかのように気持ちになることに由来しており、英語でも同様に “strike” を使って「感動させること」を表すことができます。

    To express that you are moved by something, you can say mune wo utareru (胸を打たれる) by changing the word utsu to the passive form.

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