Atatte Kudakero (当たって砕けろ – Go for Broke)

  • Atatte Kudakero


    When the fear of failure prevents you from taking action, the phrase atatte kudakero (当たって砕けろ) could help you.

    Since atatte/ataru (当たって/当たる) means “to hit” and kudakero (砕けろ) is an imperative form of kudakeru (砕ける – meaning “to break”), the literal meaning of atatte kudakero is “hit and break.”
    「当たって」は “to hit”、「砕けろ」は “to break” を意味する「砕ける」の命令形なので、「当たって砕けろ」の文字どおりの意味は “hit and break” となります。

    Of course, this phrase does not mean “you should break.”

    It implies that you should take on challenges with strong determination even if you are unlikely to succeed.

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