Kaikaburu (買いかぶる – Overestimating)

  • Kaikaburu


    To misjudge and overestimate a person’s ability is represented as kaikaburu (買いかぶる) in Japanese.

    Since kai (買い) means “to buy” and kaburu (かぶる/被る) means “to suffer damage,” the literal meaning of kaikaburu is “to buy something and suffer damage.”
    「買い」は “to buy”、「かぶる」は “to suffer damage” を意味するので、「買いかぶる」の文字どおりの意味は “to buy something and suffer damage” となります。

    Originally, this term meant its literal meaning, to buy something at a higher price than its actual value, resulting in a loss.

    Afterward, kaikaburu came to be used for evaluating people and to have its current meaning.

    Kaikaburu is a verb, but if you want to use it as a noun, you can use kaikaburi (買いかぶり) instead.

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