Laugh Ways of Ha-gyō

  • Laugh Ways of Ha-gyō


    In Japan, many laugh ways are represented by ha-gyō (ハ行).

    Ha-gyō (ハ行 – literally means “ha row”) contains ha (ハ), hi (ヒ), fu (フ), he (ヘ) and ho (ホ), and you can generate a laugh sound by repeating one of them.

    Hahaha (ハハハ) ・・・ A common laugh (for many countries).

    Hihihi (ヒヒヒ) ・・・ A laugh in a contemptible tone of voice.

    Fufufu (フフフ) ・・・ A creepy laugh or woman’s pretty laugh.
    「フフフ」・・・不敵な笑い or 女性の可愛らしい笑い

    Hehehe (ヘヘヘ) ・・・ A embarrassed laugh.

    Hohoho (ホホホ) ・・・ A pompous laugh.

    In actual conversation, hahaha or ahaha (アハハ) is most commonly used.

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