Akane Gumo (茜雲 – Rosy Cloud)

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    Akane Gumo


    Yesterday, I introduced you to my favorite kind of clouds, ‘nyūdō gumo‘ (入道雲).

    I also like some other types of clouds.

    For example, I like ‘akane gumo‘ (茜雲 – literally “madder clouds”), which are made by the morning sun or the setting sun.

    Akane‘ (茜) is a perennial and climbing plant, and its root can become a dark red dye, so this term also means such a color.

    Additionally, ‘gumo/kumo‘ (雲) means “cloud.”
    また、「雲」は “cloud” を意味します。

    That is to say, akane gumo are clouds with dark red that you can see at sunrise or sunset.

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