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Undei no Sa (雲泥の差 – A World of Difference)

  • Undei no Sa


    You will feel “undei no sa” (雲泥の差) for various things, as long as you live a life.

    “Undei no sa” means a very big difference or a huge gap of something.

    The “un” (雲) means “cloud,” the “deo” (泥) means “dirt,” the “sa” (差) means “difference,” so the literal meaning of the combination is “differences between cloud and dirt.”
    「雲」は “cloud,” 「泥」は “dirt,” 「差」は “difference” を意味するので、 「雲泥の差」の文字通りの意味は “difference between cloud and dirt” となります。

    Here the cloud implies the sky, and the dirt implies the ground.

    That is to say, the phrase “undei no sa” represents a big difference/gap, like the distance between the sky and the ground.

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