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Hashigo (はしご – Ladder)

  • Hashigo


    はしご (hashigo) is a kind of tool that is used to go up to high places, and is referred to as “ladder” in English.
    「はしご」は高い所に上るための道具で、英語では “ladder” と表現されます。

    In Japan, we sometimes say はしごする (hashigo suru), the literal meaning of which is “I do ladder,” but do you know the actual meaning?

    Here “hashigo” is short for はしご酒 (hashigo zake – ladder alcohol), which means to go on a pub crawl.

    This term comes from the fact that we called going familiar bars one by one just like climbing up a ladder step by step “hashigo zake.”

    These days, “hashigo” can mean to visit the same kind of shops or facilities continuously.

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