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Shinsetsu (親切 – Kindness)

  • Shinsetsu


    It is very important to be “shinsetsu” (親切).

    “Shinsetsu” is a word that represents kindness and compassion toward other people.

    Generally, the “shin” (親) means “parents,” the “setsu” means “cut,” but it doesn’t mean to cut parents.
    一般的に「親」は “parents,” 「切」は “cut” を意味しますが、決して親を切るという意味ではありません。

    The kanji “親” (shin) means not only “parents,” but also “being familiar.”

    Also, the kanji “切” (setsu) can mean to fit well or reach, because if you want to cut something using a knife or something, the knife will touch the object.

    That is to say, “shinsetsu” implies that you become familiar with someone and reach his/her heart.

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