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Hūzen no Tomoshibi (風前の灯火 – Hang by A Thread)

  • Hūzen no Tomoshibi


    If you want to say that a thing or a person is in danger, or it is about to disappear, you can use the phrase, “hūzen no yomoshibi” (風前の灯火) in Japanese.

    The “hūzen” (風前) means “front of wind,” that is to say, “a windy place.”

    The “tomoshibi” (灯火) means a light with fire, such as a flaring candle, in a literal sense.

    If there is a flaring candle in a windy place, obviously the fire will be about to go out, so this phrase has come to have the current meaning.

    It seems to be similar to the English phrase, “hang by a thread.”
    英語では “hang by a thread” (一本の糸で吊るす)などのように言えるようです。

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