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Otoko-mae (Manly Look/Attitude)

  • Yesterday I talked about the Japanese word “iro-otoko,” which mean a good-looking man or a ladies’ man.


    Today I’d like to talk about the word “otoko-mae,” which means a manly look or attitude.

    “Otoko” in “otoko-mae” means a man and “mae” means “front.”

    Here, “mae” can make a noun that expresses a function or state of something by attaching after another noun.

    For example, there is “ude-mae” (ude means an arm and ude-mae means skill.)

    Originally, “otoko-mae” means something like the role of a man.

    However, now it usually means that someone is nice as a man, that is, someone has a manly look or attitude.

    Original sentence