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Nureginu (Innocent Sins)

  • Nureginu


    Today I will talk about the Japanese term “nureginu.”

    The literal meaning is “wet clothes,” and it means “innocent sins” or “unfounded rumors.”

    When you want to mean “to accuse someone of falsely,” you can say “nureginu wo kiseru” by using the verb “kiru,” which means “to wear.”

    Originally, “nureginu” meant “clothes wetted by water.”

    There are some theories about the etymology, and one of them comes from the following old story:

    A stepmother envied the beauty of husband’s daughter by a previous marriage, and she put a wet cloth of a fisherman who lived nearby in the daughter’s room.

    The daughter’s father looked the cloth, and he was misled into thinking that she stole the fisherman’s cloth, then he killed his daughter.

    Original sentence