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Various Facial Expressions

  • There are four different facial expressions in the Doraemon’s song called “hug shichao” (let’s hug).


    Today, I will describe the meanings of them.

    “Fukurettsura” ・・・ A displeased face puffing one’s cheeks.

    “Shikamettsura” ・・・ A frowning face with a knot between one’s brows.

    “Nakittsura” ・・・ A crying or tearful face.

    “Bucchozura” ・・・ A sulky and sullen face.

    Most the etymologies are simple: “tsura/zura” means “face,” “fukureru” means “to swell/puff up,” “shikameru” means “to furrow/knit one’s brow,” and “naku” means “to cry.”

    Also, Bucchozura comes from the face of a dignified Buddha called “Bucchoson,” who has a sulky and sullen face.

    By the way, I think that the antonym of all of these facial expressions is “egao,” which means “smile.”

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