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Oya no Sune wo Kajiru (親のすねをかじる – Depending on Parents)

  • Oya no Sune wo Kajiru


    The Japanese idiom oya no sune wo kajiru (親のすねをかじる) describes an adult who is unable to live independently and relies on their parents.

    Oya (親) means “parent.”
    Sune (すね) means “shin.”
    Kajiru (かじる) means “to gnaw.”
    「親」・・・ “parent”
    「すね」・・・ “shin”
    「かじる」・・・ “to gnaw”

    Therefore, the literal meaning of oya no sune wo kajiru is “to gnaw one’s parent’s shin.”
    したがって、「親のすねをかじる」の文字どおりの意味は、 “to gnaw one’s parent’s shin” となります。

    Of course, it does not mean physically gnawing one’s parent’s shin.

    Since sune is an important part of the body, it is sometimes used as a metaphor for labor or money earned from work.

    In other words, this idiom means to depend on money earned by one’s parents, as if gnawing it.

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