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Kuchibashi ga Kīroi (くちばしが黄色い – Young and Inexperienced)

  • Kuchibashi ga Kīroi


    The Japanese idiom kuchibashi ga kīroi (くちばしが黄色い) describes that someone is still young, inexperienced, and immature.

    Kuchibashi (くちばし) means “beak.”
    Kīro/kīroi (黄色/黄色い) means “yellow.”
    「くちばし」・・・ “beak”
    「黄色」・・・ “yellow”

    Therefore, the literal meaning of kuchibashi ga kīroi is “one’s beak is yellow.”
    したがって、この慣用句の文字どおりの意味は “one’s beak is yellow” となります。

    Popular birds such as sparrows and crows have yellow beaks when they are chicks, which turn black as they mature.

    In this idiom, a young and inexperienced person is metaphorically compared to a chick with a yellow beak.

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