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Nen ni wa Nen wo Ireru (念には念を入れる – Taking Extra Precautions)

  • Nen ni wa Nen wo Ireru


    I often make various mistakes.

    Such people should always try to nen ni wa nen wo ireru (念には念を入れる).

    Since nen (念) means “care/precaution,” and ireru (入れる) means “to put,” the literal meaning of nen wo ireru (念を入れる) is “to put care/precaution (into one’s mind).”
    「念」は “care/precaution”、「入れる」は “to put” を意味し、「念を入れる」で “to put care/precaution (into one’s mind)” という意味になります。

    By adding nen ni wa (念には) to make nen ni wa nen wo ireru, it can mean taking extra precautions or paying extra attention.

    In addition, by using the imperative form of ireru, which is ireyo (入れよ), it becomes the proverb, nen ni wa nen wo ireyo (念には念を入れよ – “Better safe than sorry”).

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