Doyō no Ushi no Hi

  • Doyō no Ushi no Hi


    Today is Doyō no Ushi no Hi (土用の丑の日).

    Doyō (土用) is a period that comes at the changing of each of the four seasons; it occurs four times a year, and each period lasts for 18 days.

    It shares the same pronunciation with doyō (土曜 – meaning “Saturday”), but the kanji and the meaning are different (Incidentally, today is “Sunday”).
    “Saturday” を意味する「土曜」と同音ですが、漢字と意味が異なります(ちなみに今日は「日曜」です)。

    In addition, Ushi no Hi (丑の日) is the day that corresponds to Ushi (丑) in the cycle of dates based on the twelve zodiac signs.

    There is/are Doyō Ushi no Hi in each season, and it is most well-known in summer. On this day, we have a custom of eating something beginning with u (う), especially unagi (うなぎ – meaning “eel”), which also has the role of preventing summer fatigue.

    Given the record-breaking heat this year, please take extra care to avoid heatstroke.

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