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Ā Ie ba Kō Iu (ああ言えばこう言う – Having a Smart Mouth)

  • Ā Ie ba Kō Iu


    The Japanese idiom, “ā ie ba kō iu” (ああ言えばこう言う), describes a situation where someone always disagrees with what others say by providing various reasons.”

    Since ā (ああ) means “that,” ie/iu (言え/言う) means “to say,” and (こう) means “this,” the literal meaning of this idiom is “when we say that, you say this.”
    「ああ」は “that”、「言え/言う」は “to say”、「こう」は “this” を意味するので、「ああ言えばこう言う」の文字どおりの意味は “when we say that, you say this” となります。

    In other words, whenever someone says “that” (advice or persuades), you say “this” (counterarguments).

    Lets make an effort to accept others opinions with an open mind.

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