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Kira Kira Name

  • Recently in Japan, children who has strange name has increased.

    The strange name is called “kira kira name(キラキラネーム, kira kira means twinkle).”

    Today, I’d like to show famous ones of kira kira names.

    「黄熊」・・・The reading is “ぷう(Pooh).” This might be derived from “Winnie-the-Pooh.”

    「光宙」・・・The reading is “ピカチュウ(Pikachu).”

    「金星」・・・The reading is “まぁず(Mars),” though, “金星” means Venus.

    In addition, some Japanese people have tried to name their baby something like foreigner’s name.

    For example, “南椎(なんしー, Nancy),” “奏日亜(そふぃあ, Sophia),” “舞気流(まいける, Michel),” “匠音(しょーん, Sean).”

    However, their name will be written “Nansi,” “Sofuia,” “Maikeru,” “Shon” In their passport.

    We sometimes feel shame.

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