Iiete Myō (言い得て妙 – Perfect Phrasing)

  • Iiete Myō


    When someone says a clever expression and it is absolutely right, you can use the Japanese phrase iiete myō (言い得て妙).

    Since ii (言い) means “to say,” ete (得て) means “can,” and myō (妙) means “wonder/clever/beautiful,” iiete myō literally means “one can say something clever and beautiful.”
    「言い」は “to say”、「得て」は “can”、「妙」は “wonder/clever/beautiful” を意味するので、「言い得て妙」は文字どおり “one can say something clever and beautiful” という意味になります。

    The intonation of iiete myō is almost flat, but it drops slightly at the te (て) of ete (得て).

    This phrase can be translated into English as “perfect phrasing” or “beautifully put.”
    英語では “perfect phrasing” や “beautifully put” のように訳されるようです。

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