Tsuki ga Kirei desu ne (月が綺麗ですね – I Love You)

  • Tsuki ga Kirei desu ne


    Today, I’d like to talk about the phrase Tsuki ga kirei desu ne (月が綺麗ですね), which can occasionally cause people to get very passionate.

    The literal meaning is “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?,” but this phrase may also mean “I love you.”
    文字通りの意味は「the moon is beautiful」ですが、「I love you」という意味を含むこともあります。

    It is said that a famous Japanese novelist and teacher, Soseki Natsume said, when he heard that his student translated “I love you” directly into ware kimi wo aisu (我君ヲ愛ス):
    日本の有名な小説家である夏目漱石が英語教師をしていたとき、生徒が「I love you」を「我君ヲ愛ス」と訳したのを聞いて次のように言ったそうです。

    “Japanese people don’t say things like that; you should say tsuki ga kirei desune.”

    In othre words, he meant that Japanese people can understand the true meaning, even if you don’t use words of love.

    This expression is often thought of as affectionate, graceful, and beautiful.

    However, note that it might not convey the meaning of “I love you.”

    Original sentence

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