Etymology of Hatoko (はとこ) Part 1

  • Etymology of Hatoko (はとこ) Part 1

    「はとこ」の語源 Part 1

    In my post yesterday, I explained that the etymology of hatoko (はとこ – meaning “second cousin”) is not well understood.
    昨日の投稿で、”second cousin” を意味する「はとこ」の語源は不明であると説明しました。

    In fact, I could not find any website that explained the etymology on the Internet.

    Therefore, I would like to introduce my two original theories about the etymology of hatoko.

    First of all, it can be thought that hatoko was derived from itoko (いとこ – meaning “(first) cousin”).
    前提として、「はとこ」は “cousin” を意味する「いとこ」の変形であると考えられます。

    Then, where did ha (は) in hatoko (はとこ) come from?

    Continued in Part 2.
    Part 2 に続く。

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