Ningen-waza (人間業 – Human Work)

  • Ningen-waza


    Some words are always used in negative sentences.

    Ningen-waza (人間業) is one of them.

    Since ningen (人間) means “human” and waza (業) means “work”, ningen-waza literally means “human work.”
    「人間」は “human”、「業」は “work” を意味するので、「人間業」は文字どおり “human work” という意味になります。

    Basically, this word is used in sentences like ningen-waza de wa nai (人間業ではない – literally “It is not human work”) or ningen-waza to wa omoe-nai (人間業とは思えない – literally “I can’t believe it is human work”), which represent that it is beyond human power.

    To represent the same thing as above, you can say kamiwaza (神業 – literally “godlike work”) by using the term kami (神 – “god”).
    「人間業ではない」ことを表すために、”god” を意味する「神」を使って、「神業」と言うこともできます。

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