Betsubara (別腹 – Dessert Stomach)

  • Betsubara


    Today, I used the Japanese term ‘betsubara‘ (別腹) when eating dinner with my friend.

    ‘Betsubara’ means that you can eat (have room for) your favorite food even if you are full — it is often used especially for sweets or dessert.

    Betsu‘ (別) means “another” and ‘bara/hara‘ (腹) means “stomach.”
    「別」は “another”、「腹」は “stomach” を意味します。

    That is to say, ‘betsubara’ implies that there is another stomach apart from your usual stomach, and your favorite food goes into there.

    [Example] ‘Dezāto wa betsubara desu’ (デザートは別腹です – “There is room for dessert”).

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