Ame to Muchi (飴と鞭 – Carrot and Stick)

  • Ame to Muchi


    To control someone by giving reward and punishment alternately is called ‘ame to muchi‘ (飴と鞭 or アメとムチ) in Japanese.

    Since ‘ame‘ (飴/アメ) means “candy” and ‘muchi‘ (鞭/ムチ) means “stick/whip,” so the literal meaning of ‘ame to muchi’ is “candy and stick.”
    「飴」は “candy”、「鞭」は “stick/whip” を意味するので、「飴と鞭」の文字どおりの意味は “candy and stick” となります。

    The origin of this phrase is the policies of suppression and concession, conducted by Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of the German Empire.

    It is “zuckerbrot und peitsche” in German, and “carrot and stick” in English — the Japanese version use “candy” instead of “carrot.”
    ドイツ語では “zuckerbrot und peitsche,” 英語では “carrot and stick” と言い、「飴」ではなく「ニンジン」が使われています。

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