Kubittake (首ったけ – Being Head-Over-Heels in Love)

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    Today, I found the term ‘kubittake‘ (首ったけ) when I was listening to Japanese music.

    ‘Kubittake’ means that someone is hooked about something, especially someone is madly in love with another person.

    This term comes from ‘kubitake‘ (首丈) — ‘kubi‘ (首) means “neck” and ‘take‘ (丈) means “length.”
    「首ったけ」は「首丈」から来ており、「首」は “neck”、「丈」は “length” を意味します。

    Originally, ‘kubitake’ literally meant the length from someone’s foot to the neck.

    Since we said that you plunged into something from your foot to neck for describing that you are hooked about it, ‘kubittake’ came to have its current meaning.

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