聞く and 聴く (Listen/Hear)

  • 聞く and 聴く


    I often “listen” to popular music.

    Besides, these days I often hear the sound of rain.

    In English, you can use the verb “listen” when you pay attention to the sounds coming into your ears, whereas you can use the verb “hear” when you are aware of sounds coming through your ears.
    英語では、集中して何かを聞くときには “listen,” 何かが自然に聞こえてくるときには “hear” を使います。

    On the other hand, Japanese people say ‘kiku‘ (きく) in both cases — we do not distinguish between those pronunciations.

    However, ‘kiku’ can be written as kanji in two different ways; 聞く and 聴く;

    聞く can be used to mean both “listen” and “hear,” whereas 聴く can be used to mean only “listen.”

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