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Monpe(もんぺ – A Pair of Work Pants for Women)

  • Monpe


    A pair of work pants having a shape of hakama (袴 – somewhat like baggy pants that were tight around the ankle or knee) for women are called ‘monpe‘ (もんぺ).

    Since its waist part is loose, it is possible to put a garment for the upper half of the body in it.

    The etymology about it has not been cleared, but it is thought that it comes from ‘momohiki/momohaki‘ (股引/股はき – longjohns), or the fact that ‘Monbe‘ (門兵衛) invented it.

    However, note that if you write it as モンペ in Katakana, it can be short for “monster parents,” which means “over-bearing parents.”

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