The Number of Islands in Japan

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    The Number of Islands in Japan


    Japan is classified as ‘shimaguni‘ (島国).

    Since ‘shima‘ (島) means “island” and ‘guni/kuni‘ (国) means “country,” shimaguni means countries whose primary territory consists of islands.
    「島」は “island,” 「国」は “country” を意味するため、「島国」は “island country,” すなわち領土が島で構成される国のことを意味します。

    The definition of shima (島 – “island”) in Japan is a land that is surrounded by water, has an outer circumference of 100 meters or more, and was made naturally.

    According to this definition, the number of islands in Japan is 6852.

    However, the number of islands that have residents (or a resident) is about only 400, and all other islands are uninhabited.

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