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Socha (粗茶 – “Coarse Tea”)

  • Socha


    In Japan, when serving tea to visitors, we sometimes say “socha desuga” (粗茶ですが).

    Since ‘so‘ (粗) means “coarse” or “low-grade” and ‘cha‘ (茶) means “tea,” socha means “low-grade and coarse tea.”
    「粗」は “coarse” や “low-grade,” 「茶」は “tea” を意味するので、「粗茶」は “low-grade and coarse tea” を意味します。

    Also, ‘desuga‘ (ですが) is a conjunction that means “but” or “however.”
    また、「ですが」は “however” を意味する接続詞です。

    It might be strange for foreigners that we serve tea while explaining that the tea is coarse and low-grade.

    Actually, this is a respectful expression peculiar to Japan, which lowers one’s own position.

    In other words, this expression implies that this tea may be not good compared to tea you drink daily, but I prepared it made with love, so please drink it.

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