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Omotase (お持たせ)

  • Omotase


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the word 空茶 (karacha), which means to serve green tea without refreshments.

    This word is often used when a visitor comes to your home suddenly and you don’t have refreshments to serve.

    However, visitors might sometimes bring gifts that could be refreshments.

    If you don’t prepare anything, you will serve tea with the refreshments that is given by the visitor.

    In this case, the host will say お持たせで失礼ですが (omotase de shitsurei desuga – Forgive me, this is “omotase”) while serving tea and the gift.

    お持たせ (omotase) is a causative noun form of the verb 持つ (motsu), which means to bring, and it expresses a gift by a visitor.

    Note that there are a little differences between “omotase” and 土産 (miyage).

    You can find the explanation of “miyage” in the following URL.

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