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Karacha (空茶 – Served Tea by Itself)

  • Karacha


    When treating visitors in Japan, we often serve green tea with refreshments (Japanese confectionery).

    However, if the visitor comes unannounced, you might not have refreshments to serve.

    In this case, you should serve some green tea itself, and say karacha de gomennasai (空茶でごめんなさい – “I’m sorry, it’s karacha“).

    Kara (空) means “empty,” and cha (茶) means “(green) tea,” but karacha (空茶) does not mean that the teacup is empty.
    「空」は “empty,” 「茶」は “tea” を意味しますが、「お茶が空っぽ」という意味ではありません。

    Karacha means (green) tea that is served without refreshments.

    If someone apologizes to you by saying “I’m sorry for the karacha,” you should express your feelings and apologize for the sudden visit.

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