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Ippai Ippai (いっぱいいっぱい – Swamped)

  • Ippai Ippai


    I am now falling into a state called “ippai ippai” (いっぱいいっぱい).

    “Ippai ippai” represents a state that there is no room or leeway.

    For example, you can say “Shigoto ga ōsugite ippai ippai da” (仕事が多すぎていっぱいいっぱいだ – I have no time because of too much work).

    “Ippai” comes from “ichihai” (一杯), where “ichi” (一) means “one” and “杯” means “cup,” so the combination means “a cup of a drink or something.”

    Besides, when the term “ippai” is used as an adverb, it means that a drink or something is filled in a cup, or there a lot of something.

    By repeating this term as “ippai ippai,” it has come to mean that there is no room mentally.

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