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Sakura (サクラ – Decoy)

  • Sakura


    The season of “sakura” (桜 – cherry blossom) is gradually leaving.

    Cherry blossoms are beautiful, but the word “sakura” is sometimes used as a slang term with a bad meaning.

    It means a person who slips into lurks in customers/audiences, and praises an item or makes the atmosphere of the venue.

    In the Edo period, there were people who shout at a big scene of Kabuki (traditional Japanese drama) to boost the performance — they were able to see the Kabuki performance without a fee in return for the role.

    Such people were called “sakura” (cherry blossom), because the momentary boost evoked cherry trees that bloom only for a short period, and people could see cherry blossoms for free.

    Later, “sakura” has come to be used to mean “confederate” and “decoy.”

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