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Gebahyō (下馬評 – Whispering)

  • Gebahyō


    Rumors or opiniong given by unrelated people is called gebahyō (下馬評) in Japanese.

    Since ge (下) means “to dismount” and ba (馬) means “horse,” the literal meaning of geba is “to dismount one’s horse.”
    「下」は “to dismount,” 「馬」は “horse” を意味するため、「下馬」の文字通りの意味は “to dismount one’s horse” となります。

    In the Edo period, before entering a premise of a catsle or a shrine, visitors had to dismount their horses at a place called gebasaki (下馬先 – a geba place) in front of the gate.

    After the visitor entered the castle or shrine, accompanying people gossiped and rumored about various things while waiting at gebasaki.

    Because of this, gebahyō (下馬評 – geba reputation) has come to have the current meaning.

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