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Manuke (間抜け – Stupid)

  • I might be a person called 間抜け (manuke).


    “Manuke” is a word referring to a foolish, stupid, or goofy person.

    間 (ma) means a pause interval that is inserted between musics, actions, or lines in plays or speeches.

    Also, 抜け (nuke) means “to skip something.”

    That is to say, “manuke” implies that you skip such intervals and go out of tune.
    そして「抜け」は、”to skip something” を意味します。

    Because of this, it has come to mean a stupid person.

    Incidentally, I found an interesting and surprising fact today.

    According to an online dictionary site, there are more than 300 English terms that mean “manuke.”

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