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Neko no Te mo Karitai (猫の手も借りたい – I Need Every Help I Can Get)

  • Neko no Te mo Karitai


    I would like to say the Japanese proverb 猫の手も借りたい (neko no te mo karitai) now.

    猫 (neko) means “cat,” 手 (te) means “hand,” and 借りたい (karitai) means “to want to borrow something.”
    「猫」は “cat,” 「手」は “hand,” 「借りたい」は “to want to borrow” を意味します。

    Therefore, the literal meaning of this proverb is “I want to borrow even if it is a cat hand.”
    したがって、このことわざの文字通りの意味は “I want to borrow even if it is a cat hand” となります。

    Cats usually don’t help us except to catch rats.

    If you want to borrow such cats’ hands, it will imply that you are very busy.

    Because of this, this proverb means that you’re busy and need every help you can get.

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