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Liberal Shipping

  • A few days ago, the clothing shopping site “ZOZOTOWN” started liberal shipping service (it’s not free shipping).


    This service is that you can decide a shipping fee freely (within the range of 0 yen to 3000 yen), according to your feeling or circumstance.

    Many Japanese shopping sites provide free shipping service, but it’s because the shipping fee is contained in the price of goods in most cases.

    Since there is no tipping custom in Japan, most Japanese people may choose 0 yen as the shipping fee.

    However, the shipping fee is set to 400 yen by default, and the fee selection menu shows 100 yen as the lowest fee.

    Therefore, if you want to select free shipping, you have to select “Others” and type “0” on the keyboard.

    I think that many people will pay 100 yen or 400 yen as shipping fee due to this a little confusing system.

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