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Ichihime Nitaro (一姫二太郎 – Having a Daughter First and then a Son)

  • When a child is born in Japan, it is commonly said that “ichihime nitaro” (一姫二太郎) is ideal.


    Here “ichi” (一) means “first,” “hime” (姫) means “daughter,” “ni” (二) means “second,” and “taro” (太郎) means “son.”

    Therefore, “ichihime nitaro” means that your first child is a daughter, and your second child is a son.

    The reason why such a composition is regarded as an ideal one is because it’s easier to foster a daughter than a son, and she will help with house work and child care after growing somewhat.

    Previously, this term is used as a word of comfort when a daughter was born first even if the parents wanted a son.

    However, these days many Japanese people think that “ichihime nitaro” is actually ideal due to various reasons.

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