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Otassha De (お達者で – Look After Yourself)

  • Otassha De


    I think that there are various parting greetings in many countries.

    The most common one in Japan is “sayōnara” (さようなら – goodbye), but we often say “ogenki de” (お元気で) or “otassha de” (お達者で) for a person who will not meet with us for a long time.

    Here, “genki” means that your body condition is good, and “tassha” means that your body is strong.

    That is to say, both “ogenki de” and “otassha de” are a phrase that is used to wish for someone’s health.
    (The “de” here means something like “please be …”)

    I like the phrase “otassha de,” but nowadays, it’s rarely used by young people.

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