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Neko no Me (Cat’s Eyes)

  • Today I will talk about the Japanese idiom “neko no me.”


    “Neko” means “cat” and “me” means “eyes,” so “neko no me” can literally mean “cat’s eyes,” but it is also used to mean that things change at a bewildering pace.

    This meaning was derived from the fact that shapes and sizes of cats’ eyes change drastically — they become rounded or thinned depending on the surrounding brightness.

    Pupils of cats can grow about three times larger than ones of people, and the sensitivity to light is more than six times.

    Furthermore, there are a layer called “tapetum” on back sides of cats’ retinae.

    Since “tapetum” reflects light, cats can sense light twice with their retinae.

    Therefore, as long as there is a little light, cats can see things in the dark.

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