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Yakimochi (Jealousy)

  • Today I would like to talk about the Japanese word “yakimochi.”


    “Yaki” means “roasted,” “mochi” means “rice cake,” so “yakimochi” can literally mean “roasted rice cake,” but it often used to mean “jealousy” or “envy.”

    In such a case, it is often used something like “yakimochi wo yaku,” literally meaning “to roast a rice cake,” and it refers “to feel jealous.”

    In Japanese, getting jealous is translated into “shitto suru,” and is also said as “yaku.”

    Here, the readings of “yaku” to mean “to get jealous” and “yaku” to mean “to roast” are the same.

    It is said that “mochi” (rice cake) was attached to this verb “yaki” as a joke, the word “yakimochi,” meaning “jealousy” was born.

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