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Kuromaku (A Black Curtain)

  • Kuromaku


    Today I will talk about the Japanese word “kuromaku”.

    The literal meaning is “a black curtain”, and it means “a person who gives instructions under the counter”, or “a person who has real power”.
    文字通りの意味は “a black curtain” であり、「裏で指示を出す人」や「実権を握っている人」のことを表します。

    This word comes from a tool that is used in Kabuki (traditional Japanese drama performed by male actors).

    In the Kabuki, a black curtain is used for hiding the stage when the scene is changing, or showing a night scene.

    Since operations of the stage were conducted behind the black curtain, “a person who has influence behind the curtain” came to be referred to as “kuromaku” (a black curtain).

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